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Anna is one of the kindest, hardest working and most professional people I know, she is always happy to offer and take advice and is very independent and trustworthy. She is wonderfully knowledgeable and her ideas are always excellent and well thought out with huge consideration taken to telling the story as clearly as possible while working with the team creatively and empathically. Anna cares deeply about her work and it shows in all the little details she puts into her designs and rigs regardless of the size of the show you can always expect 100%. I would highly recommend Anna and her work to anyone.”
Tim Ford - Freelance Theatre Director

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"Anna is a true star, Her commitment and dedication are infectious. She’s a generous team player whether as a designer in her own right or as an associate and her creativity and joy transforms. She also has the talent of keeping everyone smiling, I will always look for ways to work with this gem of our industry"

Matt Clutterham - Freelance Lighting Designer

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“Anna Reddyhoff is a brilliant, no nonsense Lighting Designer who allows you to relax during a performance in the full knowledge that she has everything covered. You’d think this par for the course with Lighting Designers. Believe me it’s not. Sometimes I even forget anyone is running the show.

And that’s Anna. She is that good.”
Omid Djalili - Comedian & Actor

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"I loved collaborating with Anna on Giving up Marty at the Vaults Festival 2020. She is an energised positive talent, skilled at enhancing artistic vision, keeping within budget and visually interpreting the themes and concepts of a production by lighting with intelligence and sensitivity. Her grounded professionalism during production week, programming under pressure and communicating with our creative team made her a joy to work with. I am excited for her future."

Annie Sutton - Freelance Theatre Director